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You are the shore, I am the boat, you are the sun, I turn for you, happiness can be calculated with you, give me the world is not changed.


Life is short, but it creates the eternity of love. Beautiful girl, please don't be lonely, open your heart, accept my rose.


If falling in love with you is a mistake, I believe it will be the most beautiful mistake in life, I would rather miss my whole life.


If living is God's greatest destiny for me, then living with you will be God's greatest gift in my mission.


Think of you can't sleep, think of your heart beating; love you love the ghost heart, love you love the meat straight down!


I'm having a bad day today. Seeing a beautiful girl smiling will make me feel better. Can you give me a laugh? Don't be virtual, okay?


Miss you: day and night; Miss you: clouds rising and fog dispersing; Miss you: before flowers and under the moon; Miss you: bottom of the eyes and heart; Miss you: this life and the next life! uuuuuuuuu Happy Valentine's Day!


Because I don't trust myself, I entrusted my life to you. I have been searching for centuries, this life can't let you go from my arms.


You and I meet is a fate, we cherish each other's hard-won feelings. I hope I can accompany you all my life in the future.


Without me by your side, you have to wear warm clothes when it's cold, you have to eat when you're hungry, you have a good dream when you sleep, and I'm the only one in the dream, I have nothing to ask for!


The great wheel of time can't erase my yearning for you, even if the sea dries up and the rocks rot, your figure will remain in my heart forever.


I know we can't, but I really love you. Although I really want to forget that you hate you, but I really can't.


Red flowers, green leaves and big apples, do not want to die in a day, you are a lamp of my past life, illuminate the rest of my life! uuuuuuuuuu


Also hope you work harder, don't give up yourself, one day you will get your own happiness!


Baby: Recently I have toothache, because I often miss you at night. It feels so sweet that my teeth will decay.


Acquaintance with you in the vast crowd is a kind of fate, only hope to use my sincerity in exchange for your true feelings.


Meet always nods, want to say is always difficult to open, the moment the line of sight intersects, I have felt your gentleness.


I want to tell you: love is fate, love is touching, love is habit, love is tolerance, love is sacrifice, love is understanding, love is a lifelong commitment!


I miss you so much that I broke the telephone line, burned my cell phone card, emptied my wallet, and ate all the sleeping pills, alas! But I still want to see you.


Hold your hand, day and night, hold your hand, wait for tomorrow, hold your hand, through this life, hold your hand, life and life.


Never fade is the silent care for you, never stop is the endless yearning for you, never change is the deep love for you.


The farthest distance is not between life and death, but when I stand in front of you, you don't know that I love you.


I have a little secret in my heart. Do you want to know it? Let the wind tell you quietly, I like you, really like it.


If it weren't for loving you, why couldn't I fall asleep at night? If it weren't for loving you, how could I inadvertently sigh? Only you in the world don't understand that I love you!


Fish said to the water: You can't see my tears, because I am in the water. Water said: I can feel your tears, because you are in my heart.


My heart is not empty, but there is always an empty place in my heart. Nobody can use it, because it's your special seat.


I thought that if I really like someone, he will be touched by my sincere, but I do not know that the only one who is really touched is myself.


It's a miracle. It seems that I saw you in my dream. Don't laugh at my fool. All I said are psychological secrets!


If you were the ship in my dream, I would like to be the quiet bay, with gentle waves and charming beaches.


The craziest thing in my life is to fall in love with you. The greatest hope is to have you accompany me crazy all my life.


I would like to stay by your side all my life, to be your quilt in winter and your fan in summer.


I've always wanted to thank you. Thank you for being in my life. I've always wanted to tell you that I really love you.


See love at first sight, goodbye infatuation, all day long painstaking, want to get fragrant heart, painstaking, want to rush heart, do you mind, do not know my heart!


True love, intentional, a lovesickness when to rest, moonlight people lean on the building. Love is long, thought is long, when love begins to stop, unless the water flows backwards.


Miss you: day and night; Miss you: clouds rising and fog dispersing; Miss you: before flowers and under the moon; Miss you: bottom of the eyes and heart; Miss you: this life and the next life! uuuuuuuuu


I love the moon, love it pure, love it bright, love it round. I love you, love you true, love you good, love you beautiful.


Miss you, miss you, miss you so much, find a painter to paint you, stick you in the cup, drink water every day and kiss you!


I want to say to you that you are all to me in my heart. I don't ask you to love me as much as I do. I just want to have your comfort and understanding.

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